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Envion Makes Crypto Mining More Eco Friendly

The worldwide nature of conducting business online has without a doubt driven a revolution in the way that both businesses and private parties make payments and transfer funds to one another. Blockchain payment platforms such as the widely popular Bitcoin have taken the world of digital currencies and online payment processing by storm. They provide anonymous and worldwide access to payments. Envion presents a revolutionary new concept in blockchain utility that not only gives users access to a secure, anonymous, and reliable method of conducting trade. It also does so in an energy efficient manner that makes use of regional energy surpluses to power the computing demands of the hardware that mines coins.

What is Token Mining, and How is it Important to Envion?

First, one should know that tokens are the individual units of digital currency that change hands in the processing of online payments with blockchain technologies. These tokens are what users buy with hard currency in order to make secure and anonymous payments. While it's not necessary to understand the finer details of blockchain payment platforms, in order to understand what makes Envion fundamentally different, it is worth knowing that these tokens are not merely units of digitally printed currency. They represent the considerable time, energy, and resources that go into mining them from the blockchain so that they can be put into circulation. Extremely complex algorithms are used to secure and record individual blockchain payments, and considerable amounts of computing power are used in generating and deciphering these algorithms. The massive energy dependent computing centers perform the work of these algorithms, yielding tokens as a byproduct of their operations. These operations referred to as mining. Whoever runs these mining operations stands to profit from the tokens that are mined and then sold to individual users.

How Does Envion Differ from Other Blockchain Mining Operations?

The computing power that is utilized in processing payments and mining tokens is so great that it results in two important factors that Envion utilizes to stand out in the world of blockchain mining. First, these computers use huge amounts of energy. Second, they generate large amounts of heat. Envion focuses on providing highly efficient and highly mobile mining units that can be easily transported all over the world to take advantage of regional energy surpluses. Examples include surpluses that may be present at or near solar or wind powered electricity plants. The self contained computing centers that Envion provides are specifically designed to be quickly deployed and plugged into regional power grids wherever electrical energy is at its cheapest. These self contained units are also designed to provide usable heat energy as a byproduct of their computing operations that can be used to heat the buildings in which they operate.

The Envion Payout

So what do users of Envion's revolutionary mobile processing units get that makes Envion stand out? First, the days of having to design and assemble massive computer processing centers from scratch are over. Envion provides fully engineered, ready to operate units that only need to be shipped by container via overseas shipping, by rail, or by truck. They can be shipped anywhere that can take delivery of standard 40 foot or 20 foot shipping containers. Second, Envion's customers can begin mining tokens within hours of deploying their units and immediately begin generating income with a relatively quick return on investment. Third, the units can be used to provide heat for the buildings in which they are deployed. Imagine purchasing a building heating system that is neatly self contained in a 20 foot shipping container that can begin generating both heat and revenue within hours of deployment! In addition, the mobile and compact nature of these units makes them easy to move and redeploy whenever the changing nature of electricity surpluses justify doing so. Envion certainly stands out with these revolutionary benefits.

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