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Innovative Wireless Charging Technology From Node


What is Node technology? It is an amazing high tech company that is changing the whole market of wireless transmission devices. It will have both commercial and private uses. They are currently testing various prototypes with two main functions being explored. The first is an electric transformer or induction coil. Electricity with these devices is transferred by a n electromagnetic connection. With this invention, energy can be transmitted at a distance. The other method they are exploring is a magnetic resonant coupling. Inductors can be tuned to the same frequency to enable energy transfers of distance.

Advantages to using this technology are abundant. First, energy can be transferred to multiple devices at the same time and the technology can be applied to any device. It is also going to be available at a reasonable cost and have efficient transfer of power. Combine that with no wires and a sleek design, and you can see that this will be a winning product! Just some of the uses include travel, households, retail, industrial, drones, healthcare, and automotive.

The company is starting out offering 2 main products for sale. The first is the Alpha device, a flexible pad that can charge multiple items by placing them all on the pad. The target price for this is $99 with a surface area of around 300 by 200 millimeters. Transmitted power will be up to 10W. The other device planned for sale is the Eon. This is a wireless charging station for your desk. It will feature up to 150W of transmitted power and have a target price of $159. The dimensions for it will be about 100 by 70 millimeters. The company has a great staff and many innovations coming out. Be sure to check out their website and whitepaper for further details about the project and company!

Visit nodepower.io for more information.
Node Whitepaper
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