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Loci - The Best Platform For Intellectual Property Discovery!

Loci is bringing revolutionary technology to the intellectual property sector. It allows for people to stake and sell intellectual property on a blockchain asset exchange. This is very exciting news. Loci can do many things including easy browsing of patents using a new powerful search tool, claiming proof of ownership on the blockchain, and monetizing ideas quickly in the marketplace. They hope to be considered the Ebay of IP.

Currently the process of invention is flawed. There is much money wasted on research because of poor laws and outdated processes. There is a vast need to have a quick and efficient way to search for IP. Loci solves this problem with the help of their InnVenn feature. It is a complex tool that presents a map of all relevant information in an easy to visualize way, similar to a Venn diagram. InnVenn also goes deeper than simply a search. It moves an inventor farther in the process by giving a starting point for understanding a previous search. The platform was first launced in February of 2017. Loci continues to add new features and improve existing ones.

The Loci platform with utilize LOCIcoin. This token will be used to access their various services and products. It will be the only coin used for the selling and buying of intellectual property on the platform. There are many intended customers that Loci is targeting. These include entrepreneurs and inventors, intellectual property attorneys, corporate researchers and analysts, and investors. There really is a wide range of clients for this product.

As of now, there are no other competitors using blockchain technology for patent research. This is a great reason to become involved in this project. Loci has a great team behind the platform, and it will be excited to see the project progress. Find out more information at their website below.

bitcointalk username: rob31