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Graphene Is The Future Of Nanotechnology!

The futures is really here with Graphene nanotechnology. Are you ready for the strongest and thinnest material available? It is super thin and 150 times stronger than steel of equal weight. A square meter is one thousand times lighter than a sheet of paper. It is also has more flexibility than rubber. Graphene also is able to conduct electricity much more efficiently than silicon. The product is made entirely from carbon.

Many people predict that this amazing material will soon beat out silicon in the use of electronic circuits, leading to faster processors and smaller, lighter devices. Other people have ideas for use of graphene in batteries to store more energy density than the more common lithium batteries that we use today. This technology could be used to give electric cars greater range and fast charging of laptops and phones. Graphene ink is also being explored for creating cheap wireless circuits.

Battery usage is seen as one of the most promising uses of graphene. The batteries would be durable, light, chemically inert, last longer, and charge in shorter amounts of time. Imagine charging your phone in under 30 seconds! Creating large amounts of graphene at affordable prices is one obstacle in the market.

Some other potential uses include a shatter proof phone screen, wearable technology, bullet proof vests, long lasting lubricant for industrial use, bendable batteries, computer chips, solar power, and electric cars. There really is an incredibly wide range of products the material can be used for. With so many uses, it is sure to change the global landscape of product development. The Graphene Power company has a great team behind them, and it is sure to be a great success. A manufacturing plant is planned to be built in Yecla, Spain. Find out more by visiting their website and reading their whitepaper at the links listed below.



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