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Cube: Providing Security For Autonomous Cars

With autonomous cars relying largely on wireless information to navigate, it leaves them vulnerable to hacking and other cyber attacks. Many things are controlled via wireless communications including the gas, brake, and steering. This is clearly a problem that can have severe consequences. Nothing could be worse than driving along and then losing control of your car. Cube is a company that solves this major issue by using blockchain technology, quantum hash cryptography, and AI deep learning. The work that Cube is doing can save many lives by preventing hackers, and accidents. We can all see that the autonomous car market is going to be huge, so the solutions to hacking that Cube provide are going to be essential to the car market.

Blockchain is used to ensure the security and safety of the autonomous cars mobile network. Basically, because the blockchain requires a private key, hackers cannot send false software updates to the cars. While blockchain technology was initially used to process payments, it has many great applications that it can be applied to.

The second layer of security is the artificial intelligence layer. Cube will train the AI using past attacks as a foundation to construct protection from future attacks. Cube has an advanced intrusion detection system with two parts, the generative deep architecture, and the discriminative deep architecture. After initial training is done, the fine tuning will begin. By using both blockchain and this advanced AI technology, Cube has a double guaranteed defense system in place.

While blockchain uses hashes to improve security, with the advance of computers, more security may be necessary. Cube is developing quantum cryptography to prevent even more sophisticated attempts at hacking. This will help not only Cube and its autonomous car security, but it will help the entire blockchain community. This next level of protection will hopefully be applied in 2022.

Cube has plans to offer "over the air" technology in 2018. This will be technology that allows existing car software to be upgraded and improved. Then in 2019, they plan to release their main security platform. Cube's target market is one hundred billion over the next ten years. Potential partners include Google, Uber, and other automotive car companies.

Cube will be offering tokens for sale to help fund their company, research, and development. There will be a total of 72,000,000 in circulation, with 43,200,000 of them being available for sale. The sale will run from now until the end of March 2018. Early investors can receive a seventy percent bonus for buying early in the fund raising campaign. If there are any unallocated or unsold tokens, they will be burnt. Cube is currently exploring its options for listing the tokens on an exchange for trading. The company is run by an excellent team of employees and has a very promising future in the autonomous car industry. I would not be surprised to see their technology in all autonomous cars in the future. When it comes to the safety of vehicles, nothing is more important. You can view more information about Cube and read its whitepaper by following the links below.




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