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Loci - An Intellectual Property Platform Created Using Blockchain!


It is time to get excited about a new intellectual property platform called Loci. This platform utilizes blockchain technology to make intellectual property discovery and asset exchange a simple matter. People will be able to sell and stake IP on a blockchain exchange of assets. Users can also browse patents, monetize ideas, and claim proof of ownership. It will be a one stop shop for all things related to intellectual property.

Loci will utilize ERC20 tokens on their platform called LOCIcoin. These are Ethereum based tokens that use smart contracts when completing transactions. These are very versatile, and allow for the transactions to be secure and quickly executed on the Loci platform.

Using the Loci platform will be much faster and cost effective than traditional methods of patent research. The InnVenn feature is an easy to visualize Venn diagram for users to easily see patent information. Loci is targeting users who are analysts, inventors, lawyers, and researchers. There is a wide audience for this product.

So far Loci is the first to offer a blockchain solution to intellectual property research. It is a great project to be excited about with a world of potential. Make sure to visit their website to find out more!


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