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The World's Most Cost Effective Crypto Mining With Envion!


Gain access to very profitable worldwide crypto mining with the mobile mining units of Envion. The units can be placed right the source of energy for optimum profitability. Each mining unit is housed in a standard CSC container for easy deployment and plug and play usage. The units are all monitored and maintained remotely using a 4G network and satellite connections. They also have a patented cooling system to make the units a staggering forty times more efficient. The energy is purchased cheaply by monetizing the local overcapacities. All these features create a vastly profitable mobile cryptocurrency mining solution. This is a business that can be scaled very quickly.

Envion offers ERC-20 tokens for purchase as a way to invest in the project. These are Ethereum based tokens. Token holders will have the right to one hundred percent of earnings profits in two steps. First, seventy five percent is distributed right away. Second, twenty five percent is reinvested to create larger future payments. Token holders will also have voting rights in company decisions. They token sale is from December 15th, 2017 thru January 14th 2018. The maximum number of tokens that can be purchased is 150 million.

The Envion company has three major technologies that it is using. They are the mobile mining units, a central hub also call their mining cloud, and smart energy sourcing. The mobile units require little maintenance, and are modular and scalable. A variety of electrical sources can be used in many climates as well. They are built in a standard 20 foot container for easy transport and setup. The mining cloud manages the day to day operations of the worldwide units. They find the optimal strategy to mine depending on various factors including current market prices, energy prices, and mining difficulty. The smart energy sourcing technology is self explanatory. It finds and secures places where there are low energy prices. Information is kept in a database and helps identify the best places to deploy units.

The cooling system is an important part of any cryptocurrency mining operation. The units made by Envion can be very effective in cooling and are able to run in climates where temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. They utilize a directed air flow which also has a two engine system to compensate if there is a failure in one of the engines. The units have a variety of different sensors to make the cooling system work as effectively as possible. Storms can also be detected, and the unit can then adjust so that no water can get inside the container. The mobile mining units also are equipped with wide angle cameras. This allow for further monitoring of the unit and its operations. Each unit is truly a state of the art mining unit with all of the latest technology. You can also rest assured that Envion securely stores the mined coins. Data is encrypted and very safe. The company is a great innovator when it comes to the crypto mining business. There is clearly a lot of room for growth in this industry, and Envion seems like the leader of this space. Check out more information about Envion and their business at the links below.


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