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Crypterium Is A Revolutionary Cryptobank!


If you have not heard of it before, be prepared to very impressed with Crypterium. It is a cryptobank with amazing new technology. By using Crypterium, people will be able to pay for goods and services in more than 42 million stores worldwide using cryptocurrency. These payments will have zero limits or commissions, and you can even pay without the need of cards.

Crypterium will issue tokens called CRPT tokens, and they will not issue any more after the initial distribution. These tokens will be used in the transactions that take place. When a transaction takes place, there is a small amount of the token that is considered destroyed or burned. When this happens, 1/2 of a percent of the tokens will be gone. By holding the tokens over a number of years, they should become more and more valuable. Crypterium is creating new technologies as well as infrastructure to help revolutionize the banking systems of today.

In an estimated 8 years, the market capital of cryptocurrency is expected to be more than 10 trillion dollars. With this vast growth in the sector, cryptobanks are going to be essential. Crypterium wants to create an amazing experience for mobile users. With the mobile application, scanning a QR code will create a transaction. Once scanned, the payment is instantly processed. There will be no need for conventional currency or credit cards. Many stores already have ways to scan QR codes, so the integration of Crypterium will be a simple matter.

Crypterium technology enables effective bids and offers between consumers using exchanges. Every transaction is also going to be stored in a secure warehouse. This great technology will allow people to shop in an efficient, low cost, and secure way. It is much better than traditional banks. Find out more about Crypterium by seeing their website links below.


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