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Handelion Is Changing The World Of Wholesale Trade!


So just what is the Handelion project? It is an ecosystem created on blockchain which allows for smart contract transactions. Blockchain transactions are secure, reliable, fast, and easy to execute. Investors will be able to fund medium and small businesses to allow them to purchase supplies directly from manufacturers. This has several great benefits. First, it allows manufacturers to receive full payment for the goods. Second, the small buyers can have access to leveraged buying, thereby obtaining lower cost per goods. Last, payments are received quickly and efficiently. The investors also have small risk, transparency, and easy ways to set up deals and earn money. Part of the investors protection is that there are liquid assets used as collateral that may be changed into cash easily. This looks like great potential for investors. Also, the platform will make investing a simple and easy thing to do. Currently this type of investing is not easy to do.

It is not a new problem that businesses are often short of funds to purchase manufacturing or wholesale orders. Handelion provides opportunity for both the buyer and investor. It is a situation where everyone wins. Small businesses especially can be helped by using the platform. It can allow them to make purchases that would otherwise be unobtainable. By allowing for these types of loans, their business can grow much more rapidly and with more cost effective purchases. Oftentimes, great discounts are available on bulk purchases. This is just one example of the great potential of the this revolutionary new platform and ecosystem. Handelion predicts that by the year 2023, the platform will reach over three billion in working investments. That is truly an impressive number.

Handelion will be issuing a token for sale called the HAND token. This will be offered with bonuses at various stages of the sale. Total pre-issued token supply is close to thirty million tokens. All commissions and payments generated will make use of the HAND token. Token holders have three ways to profit from passive income. First, you can get a small commission from the trading deals that use the token. Second you receive some of the commission created by Handelion. They plan to share as much as sixty percent of commissions generated with token holders. Third, the token may appreciate in value over time with the growing market.

In the product timeline, they have targeted March 29th, 2019 as the date for the launch of their ecosystem. Also, by the end of 2022, they have targeted having thirty six thousand orders per year. If all goes well there is impressive growth to be found in this industry. The ICO is scheduled to end on February 15th of 2018, so make sure to check out their project soon! There is a great team working on the Handelion project, and you can expect to see great results! Be sure to check out the links below to view additional information about Handelion and its plans for the future. Become invested in the future of manufacturing and wholesale transactions.


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