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UTEMIS - A New Cryptocurrency For Latin America Business


UTEMIS is a new token meant to provide Latin American with a business to business platform for safe and honest transactions. Latin American has many issues with economic policies, inflation, access to capital, bank fees, and other obstacles for businesses. The UTEMIS token is designed specifically to help the situation in Latin America. It is going to help protect merchants from governmental interventions. They are following a successful business model already in use by Chinese ecommerce companies. The main areas of focus for the UTEMIS token are Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. This area has great potential for growth.

There are several goals of this project. First, discover new suppliers and clients in the whole Latin America area and then look at their reputations. Second, save on payment and transaction costs. Third, protect all customers from fraud by using an escrow service. The expected revenue of UTEMIS is about six hundred and fifty million at the end of 2018. Revenue will come from transaction fees, advertising, and management fees from the escrow accounts.

By utilizing the technology of blockchain, businesses will start to thrive. Fraudulent ones will be pushed aside and allow for great growth of honest businesses. The use of tokens and blockchain will create an exceptional new environment for conducting business.

There will be an initial token offering starting on January 8, 2018. There is great potential return from investing in this project. Proceeds from the sale will be used to cover operation expenses and a sales force. About seventy percent will be allocated to the sales force and finding new customers for the UTEMIS token. The Latin American region has great potential for large amounts of growth and it is a great place to invest for the future. The value of many cryptocurrency are really starting to take off. The technology has many great applications. The UTEMIS team is very skilled and knowledgeable about this project, and I expect great things from them.


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