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Retail Stores Can Increase Customer Interaction With Nucleus Vision


Nucleus Vision can give retailers an innovative technology to have real time data analysis of customers using their ION sensors which are proprietary. These sensors do not need Bluetooth, WiFi, or facial recognition in order to work properly. One thing that the sensors can track is customer movement and path tracking. This can allow for experiences and offers that are customized to each person. Also, as many people are aware, retail theft is an enormous problem for retailers. The Nucleus Vision sensors can also watch out for security problems. The future is really bright for this great new technology.

To see how the sensors can work to help create a better shopping experience, I will give an example. Say a customer goes into a store. The Nucleus Vision might recognize their phone and send a text message when the customer is near a related product. Rewards can also be offered to customers. Blockchain technology is used to transmit all data securely.

Nucleus Vision uses four distinct technologies. The ION Sensor can detect sound, motion, pressure, and acceleration. Platform data is secured by using the blockchain platform. The Neuron layer allows for intelligent learning of data from customers. Last, retail transactions can be completed with the nCash token. To stay up to date with this company, visit the links below. It is great technology and I am excited to see where it goes.


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