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Nanotechnology Is The Future: Learn About Graphene!


Have you heard about Graphene nanotechnology? It is an incredibly thin, strong, and light material. Compared to steel of equal weight, it is really thin and one hundred and fifty times stronger. A square meter of the material is lighter than a piece of paper by about a thousand times. Also, this amazing product has better flex than rubbers. Additionally, this carbon based product can conduct electricity very efficiently.

It is widely believed that soon Graphene will be used more often than silicon in the making of electronic circuits. The result of this will be lighter, faster, and smaller products. Graphene can also be a potentially great material for the construction of batteries. It can allow for better storage than lithium batteries. Electric cars could have greater range, and it may even allow for very fast charging of smaller devices like phones. Just think if you could charge a phone in less than thirty seconds flat! Batteries made from Graphene would also be lighter, more durable, and last longer.

There are also other potential uses of Graphene including industrial lubricants, solar power, bendable batteries, and wearable technology. The Graphene Power startup plans to produce this material at a manufacturing plant in Spain. There seem to be endless uses for this new material. You can make an investment in the product by participating in the Graphene Power token sale. To find out more, you can visit the company links below. They have great people working on this development and a great plan.


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