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Globcoin Is A Tokenized Currency Basket


Globecoin is creating a new token based on a basket of traditional currency. Their platform provides the ability for users to build a custom basket of standard currencies to meet their needs. The first to be launched will be their flagship product, GLOBCOIN. It will be made up of fifteen of the biggest currencies in the world and also include a five percent weighting for gold. This product caters to a large client base with a focus on the traditional exchange markets. By using blockchain technology, it allows for a very stable asset backed product. This is ideal for holders of cryptocurrency who want to have a portion of their investments in a stable product. Currently Globcoin is also working on other baskets of currency to focus on regions such as Africa, Asia, and Europe. By using blockchain to create this decentralized product, it allows for more people to participate. Anyone will be able to invest and manage their currency holdings.

There is a token sale of Globcoin to help raise funding. The main reason for this is to provide funds to enhance the platform and fully utilize blockchain technology. Also, the sale will help to reach a larger population of users and provide more awareness of the product. The token will be using ethereum ERC20 token technology. This is the most widely used token format and provides easy storage and transfer ability. It is also very secure for making transactions.

With a basket of different currencies, each one is assigned a different weighting. Baskets are primarily used to lower risk of price fluctuations in various currencies. They provide broad market exposure in a similar way that ETF's, or exchange traded funds, work for stocks. It is a great advantage to simply buy one product to gain exposure to many. This reducing complications of trading many products and reduces fees associated with that.

In the current cryptocurrency markets, there is not an option like this currently available. This why I think there is great opportunity in what Globcoin is doing. It can provide many uses for customers. One example may be this. Say that a person wants to sell a portion of his holdings in a volatile small cap cryptocurrency. They might not know what they want to purchase instead, or they might want to hold cash for a period time. It can be difficult to convert cryptocurrency to traditional currency and back again. With Globcoin, they could simply purchase it with the proceeds from their other coin sales. Then they would have a stable currency in their portfolio without any complicated transactions and moving of funds. Globcoin allows for very efficient trading and holding of multiple traditional currencies in a blockchain format. I see a very large demand for this type of product now and in the future. Demand is only increasing when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain products. The Globcoin token will be for sale at a rate of one hundred GCP for every one ethereum. Globcoin has the best team in place working on the platform. Find out more about this platform and project at the links below.


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