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Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Has Amazing Technology


There is an excited new project that I want to talk about today. The company is called Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services, or TBIS for short. The goal for them is to decentralize a whole IT enterprise. This includes all firewalls, data centers, routers, network servers, and switches. TBIS is going to disrupt the whole industry in this space.

Various services that will be offered include bring your own cloud, company as a service, platform as a service, mining as a service, blockchain as a service, monitoring as a service, and instant ICO incubator. All things will be recorded on a blockchain ledger because TBIS is developed on this platform. Another benefit to being on the blockchain is that DDos attacks would no longer be a problem. Also, many issues that cloud servers have can be fixed.

The user interface of TBIS is one of the simplest in the industry. It will available as a web client, thick client, and also for Android and Apple iOs. The interface will allow for easy creation of components in minutes. Also, overall cost will be far better than the popular cloud based products currently being offered.

For peace of mind for customers, TBIS is accredited by both Dun and Bradstreet, and the Better Business Bureau. This is a first for a blockchain startup company. The company takes great pride in honesty, excellence, and integrity. The team has an extensive level of experience, and overall the team has two hundred years of experience when combined. They came up with name titanium to demonstrate that their infrastructure technology is more durable than steel. They already have many customers lined up for their products. This space has huge room for growth and looks like the technology is state of the art. Projected sales for the year 2022 are an impressive fifty million. Please refer to the links below to learn more about TBIS.



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