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Creating Better Network Infrastructure With Titanium Blockchain


In my previous article, I went over an introduction to Titanium Block Infrastructure Services or TBIS. They are an up and coming platform for changing the way networks are set up. In this article, I will describe in more detail the finer points of their operation.

TBIS can change the network industry just like steels impact on the construction industry. All aspects of a network can be virtualized and exist in a cloud environment. They are also pairing this with monitoring and management technology to create something revolutionary and lightweight.

The core of the TBIS service is "service level agreement". This allows for network construction to practically guarantee one hundred percent uptime for all applications and devices on the network. The control panel is also simple to use so that anyone can have easy operation of the network.

The infrastructure as a service objective has several goals. It has a main goal of replacing inefficient hardware to build a more effective internet that is not controlled by anyone. Part of this includes webhosting on the virtual server of TBIS. It will be far better than traditional shared hosting and is more reliable with better security and uptime. The advanced management software can offer security features like autonomous healing and the Hydra Fault Tolerance product for monitoring the network.

The "platform as a service" is another aspect of TBIS. It is a area that focuses on cloud computing features. This allows for customer development and management without a high degree of complexity. People can purchase only what they need in terms of resources with a pay as you go model. This can provide simple app distribution to complex enterprise applications. Platform as a service is designed to provide complete development including testing, building, managing, deploying, and updating. It is far less expensive and easier to use.

There are many other things that TBIS is capable of. It is a great platform for the future. To learn more, go visit their website and read the whitepaper at the links below.



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