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Node Power is Creating Innovative Charging Technology


Node Power is an excellent tech company with great inventions that have the ability to change the entire market of devices by utilizing state of the art wireless transmission technology. This will be great for both private and commercial use. There are two major functions being looked at with the prototype testing. One is an induction coil or electric transformer. Electromagnetic connections are used to transfer electricity with these devices. By using these, transmission of energy at various distances can occur. Also in testing is the magnetic resonant coupling. This is where inductors are tuned to frequencies to allow for energy transfer.

There are a great many uses for this kind of technology. For instance, charging multiple items at once. Also charging of any type of device. This technology can be available at economical prices, and be very efficient at power transfer. They are products with sleek designs and no wires. It is sure to be a great success. Many uses include automotive, travel, retail, household, drones, industrial, and healthcare.

There will initially be two main tech items available for sale. The Alpha device is a pad that is flexible and is able to charge many things at once by placing them on the pad. It has a price target of ninety nine dollars with a three hundred by two hundred millimeter surface area. It will allow for ten watts of power transmitted. Eon is the name of the other planned device. This will be available for desk charging and feature one hundred and fifty watts of power with a targeted price of one hundred and fifty nine dollars. It will be around seventy by one hundred millimeters. This is a fantastic company with a bright future. Make sure to visit their website and read their whitepaper for more information about the company.

Visit nodepower.io for more information.
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