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Home Repair Reviews Using Blockchain - Bob's Repair!


There is an exciting new platform for home repair reviews using a decentralized blockchain called Bob's Repair. The site will have reviews that you can be sure are real and accurate because they are backed by actual financial transactions. Blockchain is made up of transaction records that cannot be changed and are real. By having confirmed transactions, you can be sure the reviews are accurate. Many people know how hard it can be to pick a trustworthy company or worker. There really is no way to tell if reviews are real or fake. It can be very upsetting to hire a bad person for the job. This is why the Bob's Repair platform is so great.

There are two ways fraudulent reviews can occur. First, a company might hire people to give them favorable reviews. The other possibility is that people are paid to compose negative reviews for their competitors. Discerning whether or not a review is real or fake can be quite difficult. This is why we need Bob's Repair.

The Bob's Repair platform will also have an escrow feature that can deliver payments at different times of the project. Escrow is generally considered a much better way to do business. There is a token sale going on for fund raising. The tokens have the name BOB tokens, and they are ERC20 tokens. There will be no sign up fees for the Bob's Repair platform. Instead, revenue will be obtained by having the escrow service available. I am sure this platform will be a big hit, get involved today.

Visit http://bobsrepair.com/ for more information.
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