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THEKEY - A NEO Based Blockchain Identification Platform


There is very fast growth occurring with blockchain technology. THEKEY is helping create a great solution for when it comes to identity verification. The second generation technology behind THEKEY is BDMI. This is a perfect solution to supplying identity information between parties. It is secured using a NEO based blockchain token. Not many people are using the NEO token yet when compared to Ethereum, but it is quickly catching up. NEO is an excellent platform for THEKEY to utilize for their token.

THEKEY's BDMI has three amazing advantages over the competition. Lower cost is a big issue. THEKEY is very efficient and because of this, it has lower cost than competitors. Lower cost is achieved by making full use of existing sources, and avoiding duplicate data collection and processing.

User experience is another main advantage of THEKEY. Each user has easy use of the platform, and no headaches of uploading information or installing applications. By having an easy to use platform, this alone will create many more customers than competitors.

The last and possibly best advantage that they have is the reliability of results. When it comes down to it, nothing is more important than accuracy and reliability. By gathering real time data that is fully complete and authenticated by institutions or agencies, THEKEY delivers the most reliable results possible. When you combine these three main advantages, you have the best identification platform available currently. This is why THEKEY will be successful.

There is a token sale taking place if you would like to consider investing in THEKEY. This is a rapidly expanding market with great potential. There is not much time left, so be quick if you are interested. In order to hold TKY tokens, you must have access to a NEO wallet. This makes it easy to store and transfer your tokens. Once the sale is complete, tokens will be sent to the address provided. Be sure to find out more by looking at the links below.

Visit https://www.thekey.vip/ for more information.

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