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BABB - Learn About This Decentralized Platform For Banking


There is an excellent new gaming platform called IQeon. It is a decentralized PvP platform the allows players the opportunity to earn income based on the achievements they have. The infrastructure of IQeon can integrate applications, services, and games between users. Users then earn money based on their achievements and intelligence. The currency that will be used on the platform will be IQN or IQeon tokens. These tokens are being created on the Ethereum blockchain and they will be able to be traded or exchanged for fiat currency. The whole project will involve the creation of the IQeon ecosystem and platform, the forming of game developer partnerships, the gathering of an audience of game users, and the development of games for the platform.

There is a very strong demand in the gaming industry as we can see by recent growth rates. The current size of the global mobile gaming market is estimated at about forty five billion dollars. Also, by the year 2020 it is estimated to grow to about sixty two billion dollars. According to some surveys, puzzle and intelligent games are very highly ranked in terms of both downloads and active users. The time spent playing these types of games is also very high. This is the area that IQeon intends to establish themselves as it is currently an under monetized area of the gaming sector. When you add the option to earn money to an already popular gaming segment, there is real potential for a great business.

The IQeon platform is going to be scalable and very flexible for introducing new ideas that allow users to compete in many different tasks in order to receive the IQeon currency. By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, a safe and secure environment is created for conducting transactions. Transactions are reliable while remaining anonymous. Also, with the utilization of smart contracts, specific rules can be made in order to receive payment.

If you are a game developer, there are several advantages to using the IQeon ecosystem. There will already be infrastructure in place for the payment processing side of things. Also, the fees that are charged to developers should be reduced when compared to current options like the Google Play store or Apple Store. Using the IQeon platform will also gain more exposure for their products than currently available. An API will also be available for quick integration.

For game players, there are many advantages as well. The currency that is earned by playing one game can be used in any of the others on the platform. Also, this currency is easily exchanged for fiat currency. Users also have the option to convert into other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Because of the use of blockchain technology, the transactions are anonymous, secure, and reliable. As more users start to use the platform, the value of the IQeon token should increase as well. So as players earn tokens, they are also investing. I think that already popular games will become even more widely played if there is also a monetary incentive available. There is much more information about IQeon on their website and whitepaper. Please use the links below to read more.


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