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Loomia - The Future Of Smart Clothing!


Loomia is creating a revolutionary new product that can be used in all types of clothing. They manufacture circuitry that is flexible and soft which can be used to track data, provide heat, and provide light. The innovative material can be incorporated into things like garments, shoes, and seats. For example, the product could be used to heat boots or shoes. Depending on the power supply, heating is capable up to two hundred degrees.

Other uses include touch sensitivity and lighting. The Loomia material can be integrated into fabrics to make them touch sensitive. These fabrics can then be used as sensors or interfaces that could be useful in homes, cars, and other applications. Another amazing feature of the material is that it can provide soft lighting. This lighting feature has numerous potential commercial applications. Loomia material can be sewn, washed, and is super thin. Lighting and sensing functions can be run using a low power supply. The material that Loomia makes is ROHS certified and are safe for the dryer and washer. The technology has many uses in addition to use in textiles.

Loomia has three levels of technology in their product. The electronic layer is the flexible and soft circuit which is integrated into the clothing. It provides the lighting, sensing, and heating functions. The Loomia tile is a piece of hardware that can store data that is obtained from the Loomia electronic layer. The last level of technology is the tile platform. This is a peer to peer application that stores the data, which is then integrated using blockchain technology so the user can sell data to other parties. The data exchange marketplace allows for anonymous sale of data. Transactions use TILE tokens as the form of payment. These tokens can then be sold or traded for other currencies. There is much to learn about this fascinating new product. Visit the site below for more information.


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