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Thrive - A Premium Blockchain Based Advertising Marketplace


There is a new and exciting blockchain marketplace for advertising called Thrive. The ecosystem allows for the selling and buying of advertising with fees that are very low compared to other options. People who check the quality of the websites and review them get paid for their efforts. There is some concern for advertisers about what content their ads are displayed next to. Thrive helps solve this problem with paying for users to review the content and sites. This creates a premium marketplace so advertisers can be confident about what they are purchasing.

There is very strong growth in the advertising market, and it is sure to continue. Thrive Labs has advantages over the competition. They are prepared to build their own independent blockchain in order to fit their needs. This can overcome some problems that competition may have with transaction speed, storage capability, and fees. Also, using blockchain technology eliminates the middle man from transactions. This then lowers the cost greatly for advertiser buyers.

Starting out, Thrive plans to look for websites that have over sixty five thousand views per year and three banner spaces. They are then trying to attain websites averaging one hundred thousand views. The revenue for Thrive will come from a fee of 10% for every advertisement. There will also be a monthly platform fee charged to advertisers. A small fee for every one thousand advertisements served will also be charged.

The platform should thrive as the name of the company implies. By rewarding reviewers and having lower costs when compared to other platforms, the user base should steadily grow over time. Their future is quite promising. Blockchain is safe and transparent for transactions as well. If you are interested in finding out more about Thrive, I have listed some links below for you to check out.



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