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CardStack Is Creating A Decentralized Software Ecosystem


The goal of CardStack is to create a new decentralized ecosystem for software. Creators of software will be fairly rewarded for their efforts. With the use of smart contracts, application buyers can make direct purchases from developers and they agree to cover cost of materials. A royalty is also split going to funding for continuing support for the software and a portion also goes to the developers. This creates a sustainable software ecosystem because funds are provided to cover resources and for the continuing support of the software. There is a reward pool for developers with incentives that can lead to improvements to applications through time.

CardStack wants to provide a complete and comprehensive experience for its users. With the help of applications that are backed by tokens, a better business model is created. Users can make decisions regarding transactions in local environments, and also with cloud transactions or on blockchain. There is a goal for many apps to work together as one unit for a better user experience. By thinking of each application as a card, they can create a visualization of the next step of action. Each card can then be used in a number of ways, and this makes for better interaction between cards in the ecosystem. Rules can be established regarding how each card will function. A card has a primary function to be the interaction unit between competing applications. New users do not need to understand all of the complexities of what happens behind the scenes of these cards, they just need to know how to interpret the information provided. Greater market usage of blockchain applications can occur if people can use a familiar platform to access them such as mobile phones. While CardStack may seem complicated at first to new people, once they see it in action, it should provide a more seamless interaction of applications. To find out more about CardStack, see the links outlined below.





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