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StreamSpace - Next Generation Video Streaming Using Blockchain Technology!


Are you ready for the next great innovation in video streaming? StreamSpace uses cutting edge blockchain technology to bring you a great new video streaming platform for video on demand. The film industry is currently experiencing very high levels of growth. With so many new films being produced, it is often hard for viewers to even know about the existence of all of them. Mostly only large production films are known about due to large promotional campaigns. Small film makers also struggle for viewers if they do not have the backing of a large studio or festival. Without much funding, it is very difficult to make a small project seen by many people. Piracy is another problem facing independent film makers. This results in no income for the small time film maker. China is one of the worst place with regard to piracy. StreamSpace is creating a new and unique distribution system using blockchain that gives viewers more opportunity to see a larger variety of small films. It is also helping the film makers to generate much needed funding for the work that they produce. The goal of StreamSpace is to be the best platform for unique content, and to help both film makers and film viewers have a better experience.

Streamspace is going to be the link between audiences and film makers. The Streamspace platform has nine major features. First, it is an extremely secure way to store video content. They actually have a provisional patent regarding their method of storage. Next, transactions are very secure and transparent while using blockchain for transactions. For optimum video streaming, there is an embedded html5 player and a front end decoder. Streaming can be done on computers along with smart phones and high definition TVs by using applications such as Roku, Amazon fire, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Microsoft Xbox. There is also an engine that provides content recommendations to viewers. This can help them discover great content that they might otherwise miss out on.

For making content purchases, there is a secure digital wallet. This is an account where all assets and account information is stored and managed. StreamShare tokens are used for any transaction within the StreamSpace platform. The tokens have the symbol SSH. This token has support for converting to other cryptocurrencies, or converting to cash. There is also another token used by the platform called StreamSpace Coins with the symbol SPC. This is used to reward users with storage space in exchange for content. These SPC tokens can later be converted into SSH tokens. The StreamSpace platform will have a private token exchange built in. This will allow for the easy transfer and conversion of the various coins and cash.

The user interface is very community focused and easy to use. It makes it very simple for a film maker to upload their content, analyze data, see reviews, and set the prices of each piece of content. Another platform feature is the ability to use social media channels to help promote content. Social media is the most cost effective way to quickly show users around the world what is being offered. With the best promotion, social media can reach vast numbers of potential users quickly. StreamSpace is also going to offer the ability for independent film makers to raise funding for projects with token sales or initial coin offerings. This is a great way to raise the funds needed to get started on a new film. There is even going to be a form to help film makers submit data to IMDB. This is a huge database of movie related data that many people view every day. It can help gain further exposure to independent film projects.

StreamSpace viewers may appreciate having a selection of different screen sizes to choose from. There is also a way to provide ratings and reviews. Chat rooms are another way users can communicate directly with different film makers. There may even be new formats such as augmented or virtual reality available on the platform. Also, do not forget that viewers will have access to worldwide content from many countries that previously might have been unavailable to them. StreamSpace is opening up the world to a whole new video viewing experience. If you would like to learn more about StreamSpace, I have provided several links listed below.




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