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Discover The Switcheo Network For Trading NEP-5 Tokens!


Learn all about the Switcheo Network in the article. Switcheo is building a highly advanced decentralized exchange for the trading of NEP-5 tokens, which use the NEO platform. NEO is a blockchain project that is community based and it uses smart contracts for a wide variety of applications. NEO was first started in 2014, and has steadily grow in popularity. It is now one of the top blockchain projects in the world. With this quick rise in popularity, there are now many NEP-5 tokens starting to be traded, with more being added every day. As demand for tokens increase, so does the demand for a good and safe exchange to trade them on.

Switcheo will allow people to use GAS and NEO to purchase any NEP-5 token instantly. The Switcheo exchange is going to be completely decentralized. Everything is managed on chain for better security while at the same time providing a good trading experience for the users. When using Switcheo, each user is in full control of their funds. The Switcheo smart contract is used for trade settlements. The benefit of the Switcheo exchanged being decentralized is that user funds are not susceptible to exchanges being hacked. This lets users have sound peace of mind about the safety of their funds. Switcheo uses a dynamic call function to allow for any new NEP-5 tokens to be available for trading the minute an ICO comes to an end. This is a great feature for having access to trading your tokens.

The Switcheo network is having a token sale of their own. This will be the SWH token. The Switcheo token will function as the base for doing cross chain swaps. Also, a portion of exchange fees might be given out to SWH token holders. Fees for trading can also be paid by using the SWH token at a fifty percent discount. Find out more about this exciting new exchange by visiting the page below.


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