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Effect - An Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Network


Effect is an exciting new decentralized network related to artificial intelligence. This is a growing market, and artificial intelligence is becoming more widely used in today's society. The Effect network functions as a better alternative to current offerings in the space. There are also no fees and it provides easy entry into this fast growing industry. The Effect network will have three different platforms that will be run using the NEO blockchain. The NEO blockchain is also growing quickly in popularity and serves as a great foundation for the Effect platforms.

The first platform is the Mechanical Turk. This is a peer to peer market that is decentralized and it is for doing human intelligence tasks. The features that it provides are similar to the Amazon Mechanical Turk program or Fiverr services. It is technology that is crowd sourced and allows for users to post tasks that they need to have completed. The people who perform these various tasks are then compensated for their time and effort. The different tasks are able to be completed by anyone, from anywhere in the world, at any time. The abbreviated name they have for these tasks is HIT or human intelligence tasks. People who offer these tasks are called requesters. When a task is completed, the workers are paid in the form of the AIX token. The requesters are the ones who decide how much each different task is worth. Results can be retrieved from the platform and used to train algorithms. This platform gives requesters easy and fast access to a wide scale and on demand workforce.

Each task will be assigned a set of properties. This includes many things. A data set URL is given. There is a description of the task, and a contract ID which is the smart contract that will be used. Other properties include a blueprint, a required amount of honor or user trust, a number of ratings per user, a timeout for performing a rating, an expiration, a sequence ID, and data credentials. It should be noted that there is an option for data sets being provided to be encrypted for privacy.

I really think that the Mechanical Turk platform could be a great way for many people to earn some extra income. Many people today want to work from home, or earn additional income after their normal job. This provides a great opportunity for them. Also, it is very convenient because the tasks can be performed anywhere when a user has free time. The hourly wage is supposed to be much higher than when compared to using the Amazon Mechanical Turk site. This should provide a great alternative.

The second platform is the artificial intelligence exchange. This is a global marketplace for service exchange of AI algorithms. The owner of an application may register on the exchange and offer their services. They can have a specified fee for use of the application. The exchange will use smart contracts, and once a buyer has transferred the required number of tokens to the seller, the smart contract will allow use and interaction with the application. The standardization of different formats of data is encouraged. There is going to be a registry that will have all available applications listed.

The third and final platform is for decentralized artificial intelligence algorithms. This will be for actual algorithms to run globally. By doing this, there will not be a single point for failure. Processing of different matrices can occur at different nodes that make up the network. I have supplied several links below for you to find out more about Effect and their artificial intelligence platforms.



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