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Myriads - A Machine Learning Platformk


Myriads is a new machine learning network that is decentralized and based on blockchain. The system allows for computing power of GPUs to analyze large amounts of data and make predictions. Depending on the accuracy of the predictions, the miners are rewarded accordingly.

With the Myriads network, humans do not set the prices of machine learning services. Prices are constantly regulated based on user demand and existing resources. The network is open source, reliable, transparent, secure, and completely decentralized. With the Myriads network, miners can earn income in the form of MRDS tokens when loaning their hardware. Buyers are able to pay for using this computational power.

Large companies or individuals often require large amounts of computational power in order to run their algorithms for machine learning. There are often problems associated with running a large network, and limitations can be handled by using graphic cards that are more powerful, or distributing the computing load amongst more people using a central server. In this way, the crowd sourcing of computing power is possible. This is what the Myriads network will be used for. The end users will provide data and algorithms to the Myriad network. The Myriad network then splits the available tasks between all available miners who are on the network. An algorithm using blockchain is used to split up the data. Each piece of data is stored encrypted on the Myriad network.

The way that Myriad splits up the data has a number of advantages. These include enhanced performance, availability, security, and privacy. Having the data encrypted prevents unauthorized access and viewing of the data. Every owner of data has full control of the key to the data.

Users of the platform are able to train and create predictive machine learning models to host their own applications. These models can be created from data sources. They can then be evaluated and modified to generate the best performance and predictions. Each user will have access to model creation wizards and visualization tools to make the process easy and fast. This way, there is not a need to learn complex coding and technology.

The whole aim of this platform is to learn and find patterns in data sets using machine learning. It is of great importance to check the performance of a new model. To accomplish this, a user can have the model predict an answer, and then compare the prediction to the actual figure. The Myriad platform uses three types of learning scenarios. They are binary classification, multi-class classification, and regression.

The mining on the Myriad network differs from other types of mining such as bitcoin. With Myriad, the term mining means making predictions based off of data, and there is proof of work required. Without proof, people could end up paying for false or fake predictions. Work must also be simple to verify. This helps reduce the lag time in networks.

The token used on the platform will be an ERC20 token with the symbol MRDS. This is a heavily used type of token and works very well for many applications. Users of the platform will exchange services using these tokens. Find out more about the Myriad platform using the links down below.



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