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Smart Containers - Using Blockchain For Logistics


Smart Containers is using ground breaking technology to create shipping containers that have temperature sensors integrated with blockchain logistics. The company is based in Switzerland, and makes transportation containers for food and pharmaceuticals that are temperature controlled for safety. The addition of blockchain technology makes this company truly cutting edge.

The Smart Containers Group is raising funding for two purposes with a token sale. The majority of funding is going towards expanding the core business. Holders of the SMARC token will receive twenty percent of profits in the form of a dividend payment. The other portion of funding will go towards creating the logistics ecosystem. This will be created using blockchain, and will have the name LOGI CHAIN. This logistics ecosystem will make use of the LOGI utility token. Smart Containers Group already has revenue and is a well established company. The company also holds a number of different patents.

The logistics of shipping any kind of temperature controlled item can be quite complex with many documents needed. Just one shipment may need over a dozen different documents including origin documents, MSDS safety data, product data sheets, airway bills, transport order, bill of landing, customs documents, storage conditions, invoices, transport conditions, licenses, and more. This is a great opportunity to integrate everything to blockchain and the LOGI CHAIN. Using blockchain will simplify the whole process, eliminate much paperwork, create a secure environment for transferring data, automate container billing, and much more. Some documentation will be publically available while other data may be accessed with proper permissions. The end result should be fewer shipping delays and a more efficient process. Using blockchain for logistics has the potential to be a massive improvement to all logistics infrastructure worldwide. If you have an interest to learn more about Smart Containers Group, please be sure to view the links here.






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