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PDATA - A Token For Buying And Selling Of Data


The Opiria Platform is using a new token, called the PDATA token, to create an easy and transparent marketplace for the selling and buying of peoples data. As you probably already know, there is huge demand for consumer data from large companies. Opiria is an already existing business that is adding the functionality of blockchain to their business. This addition will move them to the next level of performance and security. The Opiria Platform will allow for individual consumers to earn passive income by selling their own personal data to companies who need it. Payment will be in the form of PDATA tokens. This Opiria Platform can connect people and companies all across the world. They hope to become the market leader for personal data.

New users of the Opiria Platform are able to create a profile containing their personal data. They can also allow permission for the collection of their data from things like a web browser plugin, wearable smart devices, a smart phone application, and surveys. Once this data is collected, the consumer can then choose whether or not they want to share the data on the Opiria database. Sharing more data can result in larger token payments for that data. When the data is in the database, a company can then request access to that data using the Opiria Platform. If a consumer agrees, a smart contract handles the transaction securely. The consumer receives the appropriate number of PDATA tokens, and the company receives that agreed upon data. This is all done using blockchain for transparency and security.

Companies benefit from using this type of service by getting exactly the data they want direct from consumers. The PDATA token is a utility token. A company needs the token to pay for data, and the consumers earn these tokens. The demand for consumer data is only going to increase in the future. Opiria is well positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity. There is an upcoming token sale for the PDATA token if you are interested. To learn more details about the Opiria Platform, please visit the links shown below.






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