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Databroker DAO - A Marketplace For Sensor Data


Databroker DAO is a great new marketplace for peer to peer buying and selling of Internet of Things sensor data. They want to encourage users to come up with new ways to utilize data and create innovations to benefit society. The number of sensors and data is growing larger everyday and has become a very large market. Currently, the use of this data is underutilized. This is in part due to lack of marketplaces for people to sell or exchange the sensor data. The Databroker DAO marketplace will open up the world of sensor data to anyone. The potential uses for this data are endless, and only limited by people imaginations.

The marketplace is going to use smart contracts and the Ethereum network. The token being used is the DTX token. Owners of data can list it for sale, and transactions are paid for with the DTX token. The way it is set up, a gateway operator will handle transactions. Ten percent of a transaction is rewarded to the operator, ten percent goes to the platform, and then eighty percent goes to the sensor data owner. This can be a great way for sensor owners to generate income.

There are many potential areas where the sensor data may come from. The main ones are transportation, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, utilities, natural resources, automotive, communications, and much more. Potential buyers of data include weather services, transportation services, environmental agencies, schools and universities, corporations, and more. The number of sensors in the world and their potential uses are constantly increasing. There is much room for growth in this sector. Databroker DAO is making access to this data simple and quick. If you are interested in investing in the company, there is a token sale in progress. You can find out more about them by visiting the provided links below.






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