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Invest in HOQU, the first affiliate program with a decentralized platform!


HOQU is the first of its kind, allowing both affiliates and merchants to come together without any brokers to maintain fair commissions using smart contracts. The whole global advertising market on the internet is over 200 billion per year with the USA being the most dominant country at around 40%.

The current systems available today are inefficient for both merchants and affiliates creating higher costs and expenses for both parties. The HOQU platform can eliminate the middle men and their added commissions. This leads to both merchants paying less for advertising, and the affiliates having a larger income. Traditionally, an affiliate signs up with a company like commission junction or a maybe a cpa network like globalwide media. Merchants also join these sites. Then, when an affiliate places links on their websites, they can earn commissions on sales or actions from people who click through the links. The affiliate company then takes a percentage of the transaction as a fee for bringing the merchant and affiliate together.

HOQU is able to bring the merchant and affiliate directly together by using smart contracts created on blockchain. This ensures fair and transparent deals for both parties. It will be an easy to use system with much lower fees than traditional brokers would charge. The HOQU platform will have 99.5 percent efficiency compared to about 55 percent efficiency of the old ways. Old systems have about three to five percent in bank and payment system fees. Then there is about five to fifteen percent charged for advertising platforms and services. Last is about fifteen to twenty five percent charged by the advertising agency or CPA network. This all adds up to around fifty percent inefficiency compared to the small one half percent fees of the decentralized platform.

Once this system becomes established, I see almost all merchants and affiliates converting to use it. This is because there is no way for current systems to compete with the price advantages of using it. The HOQU MVP platform is currently in a closed testing phase. Tokens are used to both pay for services and get paid.

Timeline plans include the development of various kinds of smart contracts for things such as cost per action, cost per lead, cost per click, cost per install, and cost per sale. Tracking applications are also being developed. This is very important for affiliates to see what sites and keywords are generating their income. The main launch of the affiliate network is planned for September 2018. This will be followed by mobile apps and further software development.

In order to register on the platform, users will first need to register at hoqu.com by confirming their email and phone number. Then verification is done using the help of Civic's services. After that, the user needs an Ethereum wallet with address and private key to access the account. Finally, the user indicates whether they are an affiliate or advertiser. Information will be collected from the blockchain in real time and stored in a database. The users will be able to access the database through an API. The source code for the smart contracts will be freely available on GitHub.

The platform uses HQX Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The total amount to be issued will be around 300,000,000 with no new tokens being added later. Tokens held by the development team will be locked up for six months. The price on the main sale is 1 Ethereum for 5000 HQX. Bonuses are given to early investors and it gradually becomes less. This is really a great project to become a part of, don't miss out on this technology! It will truly be the future of affiliate marketing.

Make sure to check out https://www.hoqu.io for more information. Also see their twitter account here: https://twitter.com/HOQU_IO and their announcement page here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2254411