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Crypterium: A Next Generation Cryptobank!

Don't miss out on this revolutionary new technology. Crypterium will allow for payment using any cryptocurrency in over fourty two million worldwide stores! Pay without cards, commissions, or limits. Crypterium will have tokens named CRPT tokens. These will only be issued once. All transactions performed with Crypterium solutions will need these CRPT tokens and by completing transactions, a small amount of them will be burned or destroyed in the process. Half of a percent of the tokens from the transaction will be destroyed. If you hold these tokens, over time this should increase their value. The focus of this company is to create new infrastructure and technologies to advance current banking solutions.

It is estimated that in about eight years, cryptocurrency market caps will be more than ten trillion dollars. Cryptobanks are truly the future of the world's economic system. Crypterium is working hard to have the best mobile platform for its users. Imagine instant payments across the globe with no limits on size. There will be no need for currency exchanges either. The mobile app will utilize QR codes for the transactions. By scanning QR codes, payments can be processed instantly. Imagine how easy that is with no need for cards or paper money. This will be easy to implement because many existing services already make use to QR codes. For example in China, over seventy percent are already equipped to handle QR code transactions. Another really great feature will be integration with existing payment services such as Alipay and PayPal. Last, don't forget about loyalty programs and cashback for each transaction.

The technology ensures that there are efficient bid/offer matches between peers and third party exchanges. Also, each transaction will be stored in a warehouse which will analyze the data and try to improve security and risk management. By using Crypterium, people can spend, store, and exchange currency in a lower cost and more efficient way than using traditional banks. Just think of the convenience of using this for all transactions anywhere in the world!

Summary of key features:

Accepted Worldwide

Loyalty bonus program

Fast Payment

Seamless Integration

I can tell you, I am very excited to see where this product will be in ten years. I think it is truly a game changer. See more info at the sites below.

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